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Pious Deception - A Megan O'Connell Mystery 

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Book Description:

Megan O'Connell is an overworked journalist who returns home to Atlanta, Georgia, for a peaceful visit with friends and some quiet time in her church. Instead she finds a friend being blackmailed and agrees to help by going undercover to find the blackmailer in a very secure, very secret software company run by a most eccentric owner.  Once into her masquerade she must dodge a journalist who knows her, the suspicious and intense director of research, and a killer who wants to permanently type her into his daily planner. Add a touch of humor and romance and the corporate world isn't a bit dull when Megan's at work. 


Relative Truth: A Megan O'Connell Mystery

Megan is back in Atlanta solving another Christian cozy mystery. In Relative Truth she finds the true killer of a deacon who believes all is relative and open to misinterpretation to the outrage of his megachurch congregation.  Did the popular pleasant TV pastor kill his rival or the pastor’s lovely street-wise southern belle wife or the mysterious hotel maid who discovered the murder and then vanished while waiting on the police to interview her? And then there are the sweet elderly church ladies who seem to always either hinder or help when least expected.

Like the first book in the series, her friend Lisa provides a bubbly sidekick but one who may lose her new found trust in a church if her charismatic pastor is proved guilty. And the intelligent, teasing Detective Fielding she finds so attractive teams up with her to pursue the truth . . . and perhaps love?

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Short Stories & Poetry    

Sunlit Memories at
Grandma's House

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Short stories and poems about childhood visits to a Grandparents' farm house in North Georgia during the 1950s and 1960s.  For a sample poem, click here.

Christian Poetry

Water Ways and God's Ways on Saint Simons Island

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A poetry chapbook about the beauty of St. Simons Island as it reflects God's love. Like a walk with God on a sunny beach. For a sample poem, click here.